Free Computer Health Check

The format of the Free PC Tune-up has changed. It is now even easier to use and is a great one-stop site to visit and test your machines health, configuration and performance.

Previously, it would only work with Internet Explorer because the tests used ActiveX technology, but now it can also be used with Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera using a simple plug-in from Meadco who have developed Neptune, which allows the ActiveX to run in other browsers.

Neptune is a free download, although you are required to provide your name and email address prior to downloading. Neptune can be downloaded from Please also read the help page to ensure that you do not encounter any problems.

Neptune is a very small download of 140Kb and contains no spyware, adware or malware of any kind. Once installed you can perform the tests on other browsers using the Neptune plugin. Ensure that you bookmark the page for future tests.

PC Health Advisor Software

Once you are on the page you will NOT be able to use the Browser Back button, you must right click and select Back, and this applies through the tests and results at the end. If you use your browsers back button you will be returned to the main page.

To start the tests click on Free PC Health Scan – Overdrive. If you have an account simply login, or you can sign up for an account or scroll down the page and run the tests anonymously.

The tests only take a few minutes and are 100% safe. You will be prompted to install the Scan Utility which you must accept to carry out the tests after which you will again have the opportunity to create an account which can be useful for comparison when used again.

If you wish to continue anonymously click on Don’t Create An Account, then click on ‘Let’s go!’ and then sit back and let the tests run. It will check your PC’s Status, Installed Software, Malware Scan, Performance and Drive Health. It then carries out an Internet ping to calculate your download and upload speeds. When you reach the ‘Almost There!’ page the information is optional.

You will then be presented with the results along with various suggestions to improve your computers performance. Driver updates are not currently supported but their is a link to each drivers homepage so that you can manually downlod the latest update


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